• Lindsay and Jeff

    Never did I think it would take 1 1/2 yrs for us to find a home that suited us in all aspects but it did and we could not have asked for a better real estate agent and company to deal with. Jim Didato , our agent, was not only helpful in our first time home buying process but became someone we could ask anything to and could always count on. He listened to our wants and needs and stuck with us through thick and thin! Margaret , Jim’s assistant , was just as helpful and we would not have known what to sign or where to send things and when if it was not for her. We would highly recommend him and Prudential Real Estate to any buyer or seller and consider him someone we can call our friend. We are thrilled with our purchase and look forward to spending many years and making many memories there thanks to Jim and his team!

  • Don

    Happy to hear from you. Yes, I am excited…and just now starting to organize myself for the move, having convinced myself it really is going to happen! Everyone you have steered me to, from Tony to Ron and your own Margaret have been such a pleasure to work with. And of course there’s the incomparable you, competent and reassuring and so personable from the very beginning of this odyssey. Are the details of where and when set for the closing? Will you be there? I hope so and look forward to seeing you. I hope all is well by you.

  • Kate

    Thanks so much for finding this number. After living there for 5 years, you would think I would remember the company’s name. I guess its all the sleep deprivation. Anyhow, We really appreciate all you both did for us with the sale of the condo, and when we move back to CT in a few years, we will definitely look you up again! Life with Sadie is challenging, but great. She is hilarious. I attached a picture.
    Anyhow, Thanks again, and enjoy autumn in CT!

  • Dr. Edwardson

    Thank you so much for everything and for the wine today. That was really nice of you. I’ve told you in person but I felt a real affinity for you from the first and you shepherded me through a tense time with kindness, good humor and unfailing competence. I am so glad I had subscribed for so long to Property Whale because when a “crisis” arose and I had to move, it was obvious I should call you. And you always went beyond the call. You’re a brilliant young guy, if you will allow a professional opinion LOL, and I know you will continue a stellar career in real estate and whatever else you choose to do. I loved talking philosophy, psychology, evolution .and … bidets…with you. Thanks for being there with me through every step of this process. Please do send me your address as we discussed as I would like to send you a little token of my appreciation. And, please, if you’re in the neighborhood, don’t hesitate to drop in as Dan and I would love to greet you in our new home.

  • Jessica H.

    Just to let you both know, the buyer and his agent loved the both of you and said you were one of the best to work with, always returned phone calls right away and were so nice. They were so happy to work with you. Thanks to you both for everything too! Mike and I feel the same way.

  • Amy and Chris

    We’re great…thanks for asking! We absolutely love the house, even more now that its ours and not someone else’s that we’re creepily touring while no one’s home. We’ve painted the first floor office and Chris has repaired the broken fence. Decorating for such a big place has been my personal hell…or Chris’s, rather, since he’s been the one putting up with me in the process, lol. He’s currently on a mission of updating that crazy hunting room in the basement…other than that we’ve kept things pretty much the way we’ve found them.

    The dogs are happy they have so much room to run around, and they have become quite aquatic creatures in our pool. We’ve attached a pic for your enjoyment. Our amazing kitchen has been getting a lot of use now that we’ve finally found stools for the island. We’re talking about maybe taking a cooking or dessert making class together in the fall to give it even more exercise.

    We’ve had a few small get-togethers with friends and family…EVERYONE loves the place. Don’t feel left out, we haven’t set up badminton yet…we were thinking about throwing something on the Sunday of Labor Day weekend. If you’re not already busy, please come by. We’re still so grateful to you for your part in getting this incredible house.

    By the way, congrats on your move to Prudential.

    Take care. Thanks for checking up and hope to hear from you soon.

  • Michael M.

    Thank you for your time. You are by far the best realtor that I have dealt with. I could tell you were looking out for my best interest at every home we looked at. In the future if an individual is looking for a realtor I will gladly give them your name. Thank you again.

  • Gia and Robert

    We are every real estate’s agent’s nightmare! Our relocation process took almost 2 years, but Jim made us feel like we were his only clients, texting and emailing day and night. He helped us with everything that we were doing, you name it, and taught us how the real estate business really works. He’s totally honest and totally committed to getting the market to work for you. He’s also very bright and good fun to be around (and let’s be honest, you end up spending a lot of time with your agent so it helps!)

    Jim’s a great guy – we highly recommend him!